Tumble caused by Lumicycles

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Danny Colyer, Feb 3, 2003.

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    Well, sort of. My post in the Air Zound thread reminded me that I hadn't mentioned this here yet.

    I've been riding home with a pair of helmet mounted Lumicycles since they arrived at the end of
    November. I've had the occasional problem where the cable running from the back of my helmet to the
    battery in my pocket has looped round the back my seat, preventing me from leaning forward when I
    want to negotiate tight obstacles at low speeds, or get a good view at a junction. Generally I just
    give it a flick and I'm OK.

    One evening last week, as I approached a cyclepath barrier, I tried to perform my usual leap off the
    front of the bike as I stopped. But this time it didn't work - I was tied to the bike and we ended
    up in a heap of muscle and metal on the floor. Doh! Since then I've routed the cable *under* my Gore
    Tex, instead of over.

    The handlebar twisted slightly - I discovered that and put it right before I rode off. I didn't find
    any other damage until I tried to ring my bell the following morning. My bell lives on the outside
    of the handlebar just where the USS bar curves up - perfectly positioned to ring with the heel of my
    hand. Unfortunately, the entire 40lb+ weight of the SMGT landed right on it. It's beyond repair, and
    I'll have a hell of a job finding a replacement for that particular bell.

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