Turned On The Tele This Weekend

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Bill Wheeler

Reminded me of King Crimson's Elephant Talk.

Talk it's only talk Arguments agreements advice answers

Articulate announcements It's only talk

Talk it's only talk Babble burble banter bicker bicker bicker Brouhaha boulderdash ballyhoo It's
only talk Back talk

Talk talk talk it's only talk Comments cliches commentary controversy Chatter chit-chat
chit-chat chit-chat

Conversation contradiction criticism It's only talk Cheap talk

Talk talk it's only talk Debates discussions These are words with a D this time Dialogue
dualogue diatribe

Dissention declamation Double talk double talk

Talk talk it's all talk Too much talk Small talk Talk that trash Expressions editorials expugnations
exclamations enfadulations It's all talk Elephant talk elephant talk elephant talk

Peace, Bill

The mind serves properly as a window glass rather than as a reflector, that is, the mind should give
an immediate view instead of an interpretation of the world.

Andy Chequer

<Snipped to protect the innocent>

Very true, Bill.

Andy Chequer
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