Turning my bike into a trials friendly machine


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Sep 6, 2004
Right now i have a Giant XtC SE3 hardtail bike, and can do some very basic trials moves. Heres the spec :

Manitou Axel Elite
MPH disc brakes
Deore hubs
Alex rims
Thompson seatpin
Cheapass nameless risers
Giant long stem
XT Rear mech, deore front, deore shifters
Shimano crank
Giant headset
Shimano BB
Meaty pedals.

I was hoping to change the horrible forks to Planet X Superlight rigid ones.
Shorter stem, Higher rise bars and some tighter rims.

What rims would be suitable, as light as possible, disc compatible, but able to take a fair bit of strain. Im guessing 24 inch rims would be better for trials, as they would accelerate faster.

Thanks for any help, i appreciate it.

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