Tweaked gears on Optima Stinger

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Just Zis Guy, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. Just Zis Guy

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    I ride an Optima Stinger (see which was supplied with road gearing -
    specifically a 12-25T 9sp cassette.

    Two small problems: first, I am spinning off the top at 40+, and second what with it being winter
    and my asthma playing up I am running out of teeth on steeper climbs.

    So I decided to fit an 11-32T Deore XT cassette. It took no time to fit, the mech (also Deore)
    handled it no problems, and the wider spacing between gears is not an issue although I have to
    fiddle with the rings more to get the right cadence on the flat.

    I also fitted Tacx sealed-bearing jockey wheels which should reduce the problem of spindle wear
    caused by the mech being inches off the ground. The Tacx wheels are very quiet and shift really
    cleanly - I'm very impressed!

    I will probably tune the rings as well at some point, but right now these mods plus the SON have
    made my bike even more practical as a commuter.

    ** WARNING ** This posting may contain traces of irony. (BT ADSL and
    dynamic DNS permitting)
    NOTE: BT Openworld have now blocked port 25 (without notice), so old mail addresses may no longer
    work. Apologies.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.