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    Someone posted a link about this a little while ago, personaly I think
    this will be great for cars, wheelchairs, ect. But I don't see it
    working very welll for SUV's, motorcycles, and unicycles, the tires are
    just to flat, and they don't have that 180 semi circle tread a normal
    tire does, although they could just have a flat peice of tread on the
    tire, and the wheel could bend sideways to adjust for where the ground
    is, although they showed this technology being used on rough terain, I
    noticed it was never shown on a motorcycle, nor uneaven terrain making
    me think there isn't much sideways bend for the tires. My other concern
    for unicycles would be no bounce for hopping.

    But I could, and would like to be wrong, this would make certain things
    on unicycles much nicer, and more sturdy. imagin your tires having a ID,
    that would just be cool, you could have drasticly diffrent sized hubs,
    and would make clutched and geared hubs alot easier to make.

    cyberpunk - Bruwahaha

    The following is the fault of a random google search and catboy.

    "Baby Laughs : The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood"

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    'de' ( 'ja' ( 'vu'

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    inside and watch TV.” – Homer
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    A little carbon fiber here and there would go a long way.
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    vanman2004 wrote:
    > *It's like smartWheels in "Snow Crash".
    > That's an awesome book, btw.
    > "Chiseled Spam" *

    Youre my hero! haha

    I tried to start a Neil Stephenson thread in JC a while back but it sped
    off to page 2 real fast. :D

    mango - unity - as 1 stand together

    *Neener, neener, neener. *-harper
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    mango wrote:
    > *Youre my hero! haha
    > I tried to start a Neil Stephenson thread in JC a while back but it
    > sped off to page 2 real fast. :D *

    He's really awesome. Have you read "In the Beginning Was the Command

    That is one of the best essays / short books I have ever read, and I
    still re-read it at least two or three times a year.

    I started the Baroque Cycle, but as Neal gets older he seems to be
    getting more boring, too :(.

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