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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by James Annan, May 15, 2003.

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  1. James Annan

    James Annan Guest

    Just found this via google:

    > >there was afad a few years ago of twisting the spokes, silly idea.

    > some people still do it l must
    > say, l didn't believe it until l saw the pics

    and thought I should explain.

    We bent the rim in the middle of the TransRockies race last summer, and the 'mechanical support'
    didn't have any 36H rims at all. Two days later, they shipped in a rim but it was a different model
    from the bent one and they had no spokes of the correct length so they had to twist the old ones to
    make them fit!

    Of course the mechanic gave the usual spiel about it being stronger, which I donn't believe, but the
    wheel seems sound enough. I'm certainly not going to bother buying new spokes and rebuilding it.

    By the way, the Transrockies is a really fun event, highly recommended for anyone who likes the idea
    of a strenuous supported MTB touring holiday. We'd probably be doing it again this year, but I
    slipped a disc a few months ago and am still feeling a bit fragile.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.