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    I am part of a women's tandem team, called Two Birds One Bike! Natalie Creswick and myself, Emma Williams are attempting to set the first ever women's Land's End to John O'Groats (LEJOG) tandem record this August.

    Many people would have heard of James Cracknell attempting to set the mixed and men's tandem record over the last few years without success and so you will likely know how hard the challenge is!
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    [SIZE= 10pt]So Natalie and I are looking for as much advice as possible, so all the long distance cyclists out there, please email us![/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]We are already connected to the Road Records Association and hope to work with them to produce a great time. We are of course practising on the tandem and training a lot ourselves.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]If you would like to know more about us then please go and like our facebook page here,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 10pt]If you are around in Richmond Park this Saturday then we are holding a launch event and giving away free cake for anyone who comes up and asks us a question about the ride! We are looking for as much support as possible, and that's not only sponsorship, but lots of advice please![/SIZE]

    [SIZE= 10pt]Thanks for your help in advance,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 10pt]Two Birds One Bike![/SIZE]