two questions



1) most if not all cyclist dont under pants, any reason for that? I have tried it once balls were quite uncomfortable. On the other hand I think the panties cause some friction????
2) Bio-pace chain ring, how good is it during races? ??? ??? ???
Two Answers:

1. I wear underpants and generally have no problems. I tried riding without them once and found that I much preferred them.

2. Never used Bio-pace chainrings, but I've heard some not very nice things about them on other forums.
1. I don't wear undies. I found it to be more comfortable and wearing undies does cause some friction. It also has a small health hazard.
2. Biopace is a very old type of technology. I used to have bioset on my very first bike (long long ago in a galaxy far far away lived ewep with his biopace ;D ). I must confess that it did "fool" around with (1) my pace and (2) my knees. As the thing isn't "round" your pace is affected and you pedal in an oval pattern.
1) Agreed on the no undies - I go commando! That said - whatever is comfortable for you. I don't see any health issues apart from the seams underneath underpants might mess with the blood flow. If you don't get numb nuts I don't think it's a problem.

2) Biopace chainrings were meant to eliminate/reduce the 'dead' spot during pedalling. The dead spot is from the 10 o'clock to the 2 o'clock position. Biopace was supposed to reduce the length of the dead spot and increase the length of your power stroke. I find it made me pedal squares instead of circles.
You can't wear underies under your shorts due VPL or visable panty line!

Did a race this summer and one guy had red shorts and pants with black dots on them. As soon as it rained all you could see were the dots. The guy is now a hero in my club (but not because he performs well and isn't even a member of my club), he is the 'butt' of many jokes. ;D
thanx for the answers, I think the bio-pace had something to do with my time. I did the sungardens in 3:25. which not bad though I feel I could do it in 3:00. My leg speed was good but could not keep up with most of the groups. I am replacing the chain rings :mad: :mad: