Two-wheel bike balance on the new generation


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Feb 20, 2013
Cape Cod, MA, USA
vnanh9x1 said:
Set that cycling is "appalled" with children because every episode is going to ... fall. Many families have more wheels fitted to the baby first and then gradually removed to ride two wheels. But with modern technology today, that fear will no longer self-balancing bike Jyrobike.Ve basic Jyrobike designed with front wheel includes a flywheel shaft with rotary controls to produce the effect in turn help the car balance. This structure keeps the car is standing even if the child has not faltered since the wheel. Axis control operation by batteries and can run continuously for about 3 hours, just enough time for the child can master the basic techniques of the bike. Also, the car is also equipped with a built-in speaker emits sound to stir the collective atmosphere of the little car. Relax with the game on the bike here. Friv 2  Frip   Friv 200    Thank you. Wish you a very effective working days.
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