Tyre buying help-switching from mountain to road tyres


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Oct 15, 2016
I have a Firefox bike that came with 26" double wall rims and a 26X2.10 tyres. Obviously the 26X2.10 tyres are meant for mountain biking. Now, I'm planning to change my tyres to 26X1.5 and I wanted to know if it is possible at all.
Do I have to change my rims to accommodate the slim tyres or so?
1.5" or even narrower will be fine. You can find tire vs rim width recommendations on both www.schwalbe.com and on Sheldonbrown.com. I like Conti Sport contact.
If you want a tire with for that bike with the least amount of rolling resistance then look for a smooth tread tire in the 1.5 size, tires like the Michelin Wild Run'r which is actually a 1.4 and weighs 426 grams, they have another one with the words "light" after it that one will weigh just over 200 grams less than the first one I mentioned and it has a folding bead. So just look for a slick tread tire if you want a tire for the street only and some gravel.
Different tyres serve different purposes. If you want to switch from mountain to road tyres, you are in need of expert suggestion in stead of random selection on a local tyre store.
Every individual has different requirements when they are on the road either with bikes or a four wheeler. In the same way, there are categories of tires like road tire and mountain tyres. This is why the term ‘customised tire’ has come into existence. Therefore, it is necessary for you to identify your die and then opt for a tire for better and pleasant drives.
Mountain riding and road riding have totally different requirements. Cheap tyres or worn tyres may put your risk in life in danger. While on the other hand, riding your vehicle on roads needs tire that can tackle watery and slippery conditions along with jerks and jolts at every step. So, feel the difference and take decision accordingly.