tyre levers, the future is now


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Aug 31, 2002
I'm always afraid of getting punctures, not so much for the time problem, but because I find tyres are SO HARD to get off, and even harder to put back on.

I was at Cecil Walker's earlier today buying a minipump and puncture kit for my new mud toy and came across this "Speed Lever" contraption that promised to make tyre replacement so much easier:


It's an extendable tyre lever that clips onto the axle of the wheel, and once hooked in place under (to install) or over (to remove) the rim, you twirl it around and it takes care of the rest.

Hopelessly optimistic me decided to buy one and give it a go. Well what do you know, IT WORKS! Tyre replacement is now a 2 minute job instead of a 20 minute "shock and awe" display of swearing and swollen hands. Yes, even for 700c road tyres (after being blown away at how easy MTB tyre replacement was, I gave my roadie tyres a go)

Mind you after breaking 4 tyre levers in the past when trying to get tyre beads off, I used a couple of normal levers to start unseating the bead, and used this little thing to do the rest. (it's little lip thing looks a bit flimsy)

Okay so its a $20 tyre lever, but what a tyre lever! Next time I'm there, I'm picking up another one.