Tyres stuck on rim - very odd!


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Aug 21, 2023
What on earth is going on here...
I have Reserve 35 wheels on Rubino Pro tubeless ready tyres but running with tubes - had my first puncture yesterday, the first in a 1000 miles on my Cervelo (at the bottom of the Col du Platzerwasel of all places) and required a wife rescue as I couldn't change it. 24hrs later, lots of elbow grease and anger from both me and her, the tyre wasn't giving a mm. Desperate measures ensued and we cut the tyre open to extract... and I still can't get it off! If you look at the photo the edge of the black (which should have the tyre bead) is fused to the green bit (which should be the rim tape) both of which are rock solid glued to the wheel. I have changed countless tyres over the years and have never come across this. Anyone any idea what this is about?
Nope. They came with my new bike. It is an old stock 2021 Cervelo R Series, had it from new earlier this year.

That explains it. It probably happened during long storage at the store or warehouse or w/e. High heat during storage will do it. Try having it replaced by warranty and I mean the whole bike, not just the tires.

It's possible there's damage elsewhere from heat cycles during long storage. Damage to the cable housings, any plastic part, including carbon fiber parts. You can tell them heat cycles during long storage will do it and you worry the carbon fiber parts might have also been damaged by the heat as well.

Although carbon fiber will tolerate heat from the sun from normal use, perhaps not inside a hot metal storage space on a daily basis and I suspect it was stored in one.
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Just like to add that very likely your other tire that isn't punctured would probably be fused to the rim as well. Have the shop check it as well, but the best option is really to have the whole bike replaced.

If they have a money back guarantee. It might be better to just get the money and shop elsewhere. It's probable a replacement bike would have seen the same harsh storage conditions as well.
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