U brake (chainstay) upgrade advice


New Member
Jul 26, 2004
My old faithful (about 1989 tuff trax) has served me well up until now but I have just upped my commute from 2 to 11 miles each way into the city and I constantly have to adjust the rear U-brake to stop tyre rub, so it's time for an upgrade.
As the frame has no other rear bosses, is it worth the hassle to look into braze ons for a rear V-brake or should I bite the bullet and get a new bike? Or are there other options?
You don't say what's wrong or what kind of adjustment you are making. Is it that they don't center? Most U-brakes have a little allen screw on one of the calipers to adjust spring tension for centering. Is it that they are sticking? Could just be a dirty cable and/or housing. Could also be dirty or rusty posts.

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