UC Davis Occupy movement protestors pepper sprayed

Discussion in 'Your Bloody Soap Box' started by 64Paramount, Nov 22, 2011.

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    What do you all think of the Occupy movement and the recent incident at UC Davis where a campus policeman literally hosed down a bunch of seated passive protestors with pepper mace?

    I'm not sure if the protests will help anything, but I'm pretty sure they won't hurt anything. IMO, that act of aggression by the campus police is almost unbelievable in it's stupidity....were they just trying to further the Occupy cause by hurting these people???

    Here's a Wiki link for anyone who wants to get a bit of history on the subject:


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    The pepper spray incident was way out of line. People quickly forget the pivotal changes that have happened in this country as a result of peaceful protest and/or peaceful civil disobedience. Worse, way too many people forget that the freedom of speech is allegedly one of the cornerstones upon which our country was built/founded. We send soldiers off to war to allegedly die for that cause; yet back here we conveniently forget it.

    I don't know what effect the Occupy movement will ultimately have. I do know it has grown far beyond what anyone thought it would, especially those that ridiculed it in the beginning. Certainly if people only raise their voices in protest only when they think it will be successful, we may as well just give up on the idea that free speech does anything. It should be the need, not the potential or lack thereof for success, that drives protest.