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    Let me start by writing to you all that I'm glad to be back after an extended absence. Also, this overview is originally created for my cycling club, but I thought I should share it with all of you as well. Enjoy.​


    The new season has brought along with it anger and belief. We've seen some new riders emerge as top talents while others are cast off into the darkness. Floyd Landis, winner of the Tour de France 2006, has his title in jeopardy due two testosterone test failures and still testifies his innocence. Pereiro should be considered as the reigning champion, but now we'll have to wait until the official hearing is carried out by the International Cycling Union (UCI). We cycling fans are obviously angered by the continuous drug doping in this sport and it has been nice to see Cycle Sport America magazine start a drug-free sport campaign. Creating clear wristbands you can wear in support of drug-free sports. Not just for cycling, but for all sports.​

    We also have belief that the Operación Puerto drug scandal is the sign of better things to come. This is undoubtedly the worst in history and if teams aren't careful enough in preventing this from happening again, the sponsors may leave and that would mean the death of the professional sport. However, many of the teams, backed by their sponsors, have taken a turn for the better looking to clean riders to finish up the races and pick up clean wins. Many riders are in full support on drug-free sport, but undoubtedly some out there are of course contemplating using drugs in order to help perform better or work harder and longer. These people will be hunted out and fired by the teams without a doubt.​

    Discovery Channel P.C.T. has a burden over their heads bringing in Ivan Basso who although was cleared of any wrong doing by the Italian government, is still linked to the Operación Puerto case and until June of this year we do not know his full involvement with the case. If he were to win the Giro d'Italia and/or the Tour de France this could mean yet another large blow to cycling and likely the demise of the Discovery Team. Truthfully that wouldn't be so bad considering that they are the only team to break the pact made by all of the teams to not sign any riders linked to drug scandals like Operación Puerto.​

    Whatever happens this year I hope for clean riders like Thor Hushovd and Jens Voigt to climb high and reach their pinnacle performances on the road. I in fact hope to see Voigt possibly contend for the Tour title, though I strongly believe Alejandro Valverde will claim that title. He is bound for glory sooner then later and now seems like the perfect opportunity for him to strike. I'm excited to see the Paris-Nice outcome this year.​

    Pro Teams Overlook

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ag2r Prévoyance

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 219
    Rank: 14

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.ag2r-cyclisme.com

    General manager: Vincent Lavenu
    Team manager: Laurent Biondi

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: A2R
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 27
    French riders: 18
    Average age: 27.3
    Bikes: Decathlon frames, Campagnolo components

    2000 - present: Ag2r Prévoyance
    1996 - 1999: Casino

    Star Riders
    Cyril Dessel FRA 29.11.1974
    John Gadret FRA 22.04.1979
    Christophe Moreau FRA 04.12.1971
    Jean-Patrick Nazon FRA 01.18.1977

    José Luis Arrieta Lujambio ESP 15.06.1971
    Sylvain Calzati FRA 01.07.1979
    Philip Deignan IRL 07.09.1983
    Samuel Dumoulin FRA 20.08.1980
    Hubert Dupont FRA 13.11.1980
    Martin Elmiger SUI 23.09.1978
    Simon Gerrans AUS 16.05.1980
    Stéphane Goubert FRA 13.03.1970
    Yuriy Krivtsov UKR 07.02.1979
    Julien Loubet FRA 11.01.1985
    Rene Mandri EST 20.01.1984
    Laurent Mangel FRA 22.05.1981
    Lloyd Mondory FRA 26.04.1982
    Carl Naibo FRA 17.08.1982
    David Navas Chica ESP 10.06.1974
    Jean-Patrick Nazon FRA 18.01.1977
    Rinaldo Nocentini ITA 25.09.1977
    Stéphane Poulhies FRA 26.06.1985
    Christophe Riblon FRA 17.01.1981
    Nicolas Rousseau FRA 16.03.1983
    Blaise Sonnery FRA 21.03.1985
    Ludovic Turpin FRA 22.03.1975
    Alexandre Usov BLR 27.08.1977

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Astana Team

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 258
    Rank: 9

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.astanateam.com

    General manager: Pablo Anton
    Team manager: Neil Stephens

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: AST
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 29
    Swiss riders: 4
    Average age: 26.9
    Bikes: BH frames, Campagnolo components

    2006 - present: Astana Team
    2006: Astana-Würth Team
    2004 - 2006: Liberty Seguros-Würth Team
    1990 - 2003: ONCE

    Star Riders
    Andrey Kashechkin KAZ 03.21.1980
    Andreas Klöden GER 06.22.1975
    Paolo Savoldelli ITA 05.07.1973
    Alexandre Vinokourov KAZ 09.16.1973

    Igor Abakoumov BEL 30.05.1981
    Assan Bazayev KAZ 22.02.1981
    Antonio Colom Mas ESP 11.05.1978
    Koen de Kort NED 08.09.1982
    Thomas Frei SUI 19.01.1985
    Maxim Gourov KAZ 30.01.1979
    René Haselbacher AUT 15.09.1977
    Maxim Iglinskiy KAZ 04.18.1981
    Serguei Ivanov RUS 05.03.1975
    Benoît Joachim LUX 14.01.1976
    Aaron Kemps AUS 10.09.1983
    Matthias Kessler GER 16.05.1979
    Alexey Kolessov KAZ 27.09.1984
    Julien Mazet FRA 16.03.1981
    Eddy Mazzoleni ITA 29.07.1973
    Guennadi Mikhailov RUS 08.02.1974
    Andrey Mizurov KAZ 16.03.1973
    Steve Morabito SUI 30.01.1983
    Dimitry Murajev KAZ 02.11.1979
    Daniel Navarro Garcia ESP 08.07.1983
    Grégory Rast SUI 17.01.1980
    José Antonio Redondo ESP 05.03.1985
    Michael Schär SUI 29.09.1986
    Evgeniy Sladkov KAZ 15.12.1983
    Sergey Yakovlev KAZ 11.04.1976

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bouygues Télécom

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 184
    Rank: 18

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.equipebouyguestelecom.fr

    General manager: Jean-René Bernaudeau
    Team managers: Dominique Arnould, Christian Guilberteau, Christoph Faudot,
    Ismaël Mottier, Philippe Mauduit, Benoit Genauzeau

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: BTL
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 30
    French riders: 24
    Average age: 26.9
    Bikes: Time frames, Campagnolo, Stronglight, and Mavic components

    2005 - present: Bouygues Telecom
    2003 - 2004: Brioches La Boulangére
    1999 - 2002: Bonjour

    Star Riders
    Laurent Brochard FRA 03.26.1968
    Pierrick Fedrigo FRA 11.30.1978
    Anthony Geslin FRA 06.09.1980
    Thomas Voeckler FRA 06.22.1979

    Julien Belgy FRA 06.05.1983
    Giovanni Bernaudeau FRA 25.08.1983
    Olivier Bonnaire FRA 02.03.1983
    Franck Bouyer FRA 17.03.1974
    Dimitri Champion FRA 06.09.1983
    Mathieu Claude FRA 17.03.1983
    Stef Clement NED 24.09.1982
    Aurélien Clerc SUI 26.08.1979
    Nicolas Crosbie FRA 02.04.1980
    Pierre Drancourt BEL 10.05.1982
    Andy Flickinger FRA 04.11.1978
    Xavier Florencio Cabre ESP 26.12.1979
    Yohann Gene FRA 25.06.1981
    Saïd Haddou FRA 23.11.1982
    Vincent Jerome FRA 26.11.1984
    Arnaud Labbe FRA 03.11.1976
    Yoann Le Boulanger FRA 04.11.1975
    Laurent Lefevre FRA 02.07.1976
    Rony Martias FRA 04.08.1980
    Alexandre Pichot FRA 06.01.1983
    Jérôme Pineau FRA 01.02.1980
    Erki Pütsep EST 25.05.1976
    Franck Renier FRA 11.04.1974
    Didier Rous FRA 09.18.1970
    Matthieu Sprick FRA 29.09.1981
    Johann Tschopp SUI 01.07.1982

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Caisse d’Epargne

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 350
    Rank: 2

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.cyclisme-caisse-epargne.fr

    General manager: Jose-Miguel Echavarri
    Team managers: Eusebio Unzue, Alfonso Galilea, Jose Luis Jaimerena

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: GCE
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 25
    Spanish riders: 16
    Average age: 27.3
    Bikes: Opera frames, Campagnolo components

    2007 - present: Caisse d’Epargne
    2006: Caisse d’Epargne-Illes Balears
    2005: Illes Balears
    2004: Illes Balears-Banesto
    2002 - 2003: Ibanesto.com
    1991 - 2001: Banesto
    1981 - 1990: Reynolds

    Star Riders
    José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios ESP 11.27.1978
    Vladimir Karpets RUS 09.20.1980
    Oscar Pereiro Sio ESP 08.03.1977
    Alejandro Valverde Belmonte ESP 04.25.1980

    David Arroyo Duran ESP 07.01.1980
    Eric Berthou FRA 23.01.1980
    Florent Brard FRA 07.02.1976
    Vladimir Efimkin RUS 02.12.1981
    Imanol Erviti ESP 15.11.1983
    Marco Fertonani ITA 08.07.1976
    José Vicente Garcia Acosta ESP 04.08.1972
    Joan Horrach Rippoll ESP 27.03.1974
    Pablo Lastras Garcia ESP 20.01.1976
    David Lopez ESP 13.05.1981
    Alberto Losado ESP 28.02.1982
    Alexei Markov RUS 26.05.1979
    Aitor Pérez Arrieta ESP 24.07.1977
    Francisco Perez Sanchez ESP 22.07.1978
    Mathieu Perget FRA 18.09.1984
    Nicolas Portal FRA 23.04.1979
    Sébastien Portal FRA 04.06.1982
    Vicente Reynès Mimo ESP 30.07.1981
    Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver ESP 12.05.1979
    Constantino Zaballa Gutierrez ESP 05.15.1978
    Xabier Zandio Echaide ESP 17.03.1977

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 249
    Rank: 11

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.cofidis.fr

    General manager: Eric Boyer
    Team managers: Francis Van Londersele, Bernard Quilfen, Alain Deloeuil, Lionel Marie

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: COF
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 30
    French riders: 14 (46.6 per cent)
    Average age: 27
    Bikes: Wilier Triestina frames, Campagnolo components

    1997 - present: Cofidis

    Star Riders
    Sylvain Chavanel FRA 06.30.1979
    David Moncoutié FRA 04.30.1975
    Nick Nuyens BEL 05.05.1980
    Ivan Ramiro Parra Pinto COL 10.14.1975

    Stéphane Augé FRA 06.12.1974
    Frédéric Bessy FRA 09.01.1972
    Mickaël Buffaz FRA 21.05.1979
    Kevin De Weert BEL 27.05.1982
    Hervé Duclos-Lassalle FRA 24.12.1979
    Leonardo Duque COL 10.04.1980
    Michiel Elijzen NED 31.08.1982
    Tyler Farrar USA 02.06.1984
    Bingen Fernandez Bustinza ESP 15.12.1972
    Nicolas Hartmann FRA 03.03.1985
    Maryan Hary FRA 27.05.1980
    Mathieu Heijboer NED 04.02.1982
    Frank Høj DEN 04.01.1973
    Yann Huguet FRA 02.05.1984
    Geoffroy Lequatre FRA 30.06.1981
    Sébastien Minard FRA 12.06.1982
    Amaël Moinard FRA 02.02.1982
    Maxime Monfort BEL 14.01.1983
    Damien Monier FRA 27.08.1982
    Cristian Moreni ITA 21.11.1972
    Staf Scheirlinckx BEL 12.03.1979
    Christopher Sutton AUS 10.09.1984
    Tristan Valentin FRA 23.02.1982
    Rik Verbrugghe BEL 07.23.1974
    Bradley Wiggins GBR 04.28.1980
    Steve Zampieri SUI 04.06.1977

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Crédit Agricole

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 253
    Rank: 10

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.au-veloclubdeparis.fr

    General manager: Roger Legeay
    Team managers: Serge Beucherie, Denis Roux, Jean-Jacques Henry

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: C.A
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 28
    French riders: 16
    Average age: 26.9
    Bikes: Look frames, Shimano components

    1999 - present: Crédit Agricole
    1993 - 1998: GAN
    1990 - 1992: Z
    1987 - 1989: Z-Peugeot
    1963 - 1986: Peugeot

    Star Riders
    Alexandre Botcharov RUS 26.02.1975
    Pietro Caucchioli ITA 08.22.1975
    Patrice Halgand FRA 02.03.1974
    Thor Hushovd NOR 01.18.1978

    Francesco Bellotti ITA 06.08.1979
    Laszlo Bodrogi HUN 11.12.1976
    William Bonnet FRA 25.06.1982
    Anthony Charteau FRA 04.06.1979
    Julian Dean NZL 28.01.1975
    Christophe Edaleine FRA 01.11.1979
    Jimmy Engoulvent FRA 07.12.1979
    Dmitriy Fofonov KAZ 15.08.1976
    Angelo Furlan ITA 21.06.1977
    Sébastien Hinault FRA 11.02.1974
    Jonathan Hivert FRA 23.03.1985
    Mads Kaggestad NOR 22.02.1977
    Christophe Kern FRA 18.01.1981
    Christophe Laurent FRA 26.07.1977
    Christophe Le Mevel FRA 11.09.1980
    Cyril Lemoine FRA 03.03.1983
    Jean Marc Marino FRA 15.08.1983
    Rémi Pauriol FRA 04.04.1982
    Benoît Poilvet FRA 27.08.1976
    Saul Raisin USA 06.01.1983
    Mark Renshaw AUS 22.10.1982
    Nicolas Roche IRL 03.07.1984
    Pierre Rolland FRA 10.10.1986
    Yannick Talabardon FRA 06.07.1981

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Team CSC

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 388
    Rank: 1

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.team-csc.com

    General manager: Bjarne Riis
    Team managers: Kim Andersen, Alain Gallopin, Scott Sunderland, Tristan Hoffman

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: CSC
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 28
    Danish riders: 10
    Average age: 28.4
    Bikes: Cervélo frames, Shimano components

    2001 - present: CSC
    2000: Memory Card-Jack and Jones
    1998 - 1999: Home-Jack and Jones

    Star Riders
    Fabian Cancellara SWI 03.18.1981
    Carlos Sastre Candil ESP 04.22.1975
    Fränk Schleck LUX 15.04.1980
    Jens Voigt GER 09.17.1971

    Kurt-Asle Arvesen NOR 09.02.1975
    Lars Ytting Bak DEN 16.01.1980
    Michael Blaudzun DEN 30.04.1973
    Matti Breschel DEN 31.08.1984
    Inigo Cuesta Lopez De Castro ESP 03.06.1969
    Matthew Goss AUS 05.11.1986
    Volodymir Gustov UKR 15.02.1977
    Juan José Haedo ARG 26.01.1981
    Allan Johansen DEN 14.07.1971
    Bobby Julich USA 11.18.1971
    Kasper Klosertgaard Larsen DEN 22.05.1983
    Alexandr Kolobnev RUS 04.05.1981
    Karsten Kroon NED 29.01.1976
    Marcus Ljungqvist SWE 26.10.1974
    Anders Lund DEN 14.02.1985
    Lars Michaelsen DEN 13.03.1969
    Stuart O’Grady AUS 08.06.1973
    Martin Pedersen DEN 15.04.1983
    Luke Roberts AUS 25.01.1977
    Andy Schleck LUX 10.06.1985
    Chris Anker Sørensen DEN 05.09.1984
    Nicki Sørensen DEN 14.05.1975
    Christian Vandevelde USA 22.05.1976
    David Zabriskie USA 01.12.1979

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 327
    Rank: 4

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.teamdiscoverychannel.com

    General manager: Bill Stapleton
    Team manager: Johan Bruyneel
    Assistants: Dirk Demol, Sean Yates, Lorenzo Lapage

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: DSC
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 28
    American riders: 5
    Average age: 27
    Bikes: Trek frames, Shimano components

    2005 - present: Discovery Channel
    1996 - 2004: United States Postal Service
    1989 - 1995: Montgomery

    Star Riders
    Ivan Basso ITA 11.26.1977
    George Hincapie USA 06.29.1973
    Levi Leipheimer USA 10.24.1973
    Yaroslav Popovych UKR 01.04.1980

    Fumiyuki Beppu JPN 10.04.1983
    Volodymyr Bileka UKR 06.02.1979
    Janez Brajkovič SLO 18.12.1983
    Alberto Contador ESP 06.12.1982
    Antonio Cruz USA 31.10.1971
    Steve Cummings GBR 19.03.1981
    Tom Danielson USA 03.13.1978
    John Devine USA 02.11.1985
    Stijn Devolder BEL 29.08.1979
    Vladimir Gusev RUS 04.07.1982
    Fuyu Li PRC 09.05.1978
    Trent Lowe AUS 08.10.1984
    Egoi Martinez De Esteban ESP 15.05.1978
    Jason McCartney USA 03.09.1973
    Gianni Meersman BEL 05.12.1985
    Uroš Murn SLO 09.02.1975
    Benjamin Noval Gonzalez ESP 23.01.1979
    Pavel Padrnos CZE 17.12.1970
    Sérgio Paulinho POR 26.03.1980
    José Luis Rubiera Vigil ESP 27.01.1973
    Tomas Vaitkus LTU 04.02.1982
    Jurgen Van Goolen BEL 28.11.1980
    Brian Vandborg DEN 04.12.1981
    Matthew White AUS 22.02.1974

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 208
    Rank: 16

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.fundacioneuskadi.com

    General manager: Miguel Madariaga
    Team managers: Julian Gorospe, Gorka Gerrikagoitia

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: EUS
    Kit design: A
    Number of riders: 27
    Spanish riders: 26
    Average age: 27
    Bikes: Orbea frames, Shimano components

    1998 - present: Euskaltel-Euskadi
    1994 - 1997: Euskadi

    Star Riders
    Igor Antón Hernandez ESP 02.03.1983
    Inigo Landaluze Intzaurraga ESP 05.09.1977
    Samuel Sánchez Gonzalez ESP 02.05.1978
    Haimar Zubeldia Agirre ESP 04.01.1977

    Benat Albizuri Aransolo ESP 17.05.1981
    Lander Aperribai ESP 15.06.1982
    Andoni Aranaga Azkune ESP 01.01.1979
    Mikel Astarloza Chaurreau ESP 17.11.1979
    Jorge Azanza ESP 16.06.1982
    Jon Bru ESP 18.10.1977
    Unai Etxebarria Arana VEN 21.11.1972
    Koldo Fernández ESP 13.09.1981
    Aitor Galdos Alonso ESP 08.11.1979
    Dioni Galparsoro ESP 13.08.1978
    Aitor Hernandez ESP 17.05.1982
    Iban Iriondo Uranga ESP 01.05.1984
    Markel Irizar Aranburu ESP 05.02.1980
    Iñaki Isasi Flores ESP 20.04.1977
    Andoni Lafuente ESP 06.09.1985
    Anton Luengo Celaya ESP 17.04.1981
    Ivan Mayoz ESP 30.09.1981
    Aketza Peña Iza ESP 04.03.1981
    Ruben Pérez Moreno ESP 30.10.1981
    Amets Txurruka ESP 10.11.1982
    Unai Uribarri ESP 28.02.1984
    Gorka Verdugo Marcotegui ESP 04.11.1978
    Joseba Zubeldia Agirre ESP 19.03.1979

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Française des Jeux

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 173
    Rank: 19

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.fdjeux.com/institutionnel/cyclisme/actualities

    General manager: Marc Madiot
    Team managers: Yvon Madiot, Martial Gayant, Frank Pineau, Thierry Bricaud

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: FDJ
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 26
    French riders: 17
    Average age: 26.5
    Bikes: Lapierre frames, Shimano components

    1997 - present: Française des Jeux (fdjeux.com)
    1998 - 1999: Home-Jack and Jones

    Star Riders
    Sandy Casar FRA 02.02.1979
    Philippe Gilbert BEL 07.05.1982
    Frédéric Guesdon FRA 14.10.1971
    Bradley McGee AUS 02.24.1976

    Ludovic Auger FRA 17.02.1971
    Sébastien Chavanel FRA 21.03.1981
    Carlos Da Cruz FRA 20.12.1974
    Mickael Delage FRA 06.08.1985
    Christophe Detilloux BEL 03.05.1974
    Rémy Di Gregorio FRA 31.07.1985
    Arnaud Gerard FRA 06.10.1984
    Timothy Gudsell NZL 17.02.1984
    Lilian Jegou FRA 20.01.1976
    Sébastien Joly FRA 25.06.1979
    Mathieu Ladagnous FRA 12.12.1984
    Johan Lindgren SWE 13.08.1986
    Thomas Lövkvist SWE 04.04.1984
    Thierry Marichal BEL 13.06.1973
    Ian McLeod RSA 03.10.1980
    Christophe Mengin FRA 03.09.1968
    Cyrille Monnerais FRA 24.08.1983
    Francis Mourey FRA 08.12.1980
    Fabien Patanchon FRA 14.06.1983
    Jérémy Roy FRA 22.06.1983
    Benoît Vaugrenard FRA 05.01.1982
    Jussi Veikkanen FIN 29.03.1981

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 294
    Rank: 6

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.gerolsteiner.com/cycling

    General manager: Renate Holczer
    Team manager: Hans-Michael Holczer

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: GST
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 26
    German riders: 16
    Average age: 26.4
    Bikes: Specialized frames, Shimano components

    2002 - present: Gerolsteiner

    Star Riders
    Markus Fothen GER 09.09.1981
    Heinrich Haussler GER 25.02.1984
    Davide Rebellin ITA 08.09.1971
    Stefan Schumacher GER 21.07.1981

    Robert Förster GER 27.01.1978
    Thomas Fothen GER 06.04.1983
    Johannes Frohlinger GER 09.06.1985
    Oscar Gatto ITA 01.01.1985
    Torsten Hiekmann GER 17.03.1980
    Tim Klinger GER 22.09.1984
    Bernhard Kohl AUT 04.01.1982
    David Kopp GER 05.01.1979
    Sven Krauss GER 06.01.1983
    Sebastian Lang GER 15.09.1979
    Andrea Moletta ITA 23.02.1979
    Volker Ordowski GER 09.11.1973
    Matthias Russ GER 14.11.1983
    Ronny Scholz GER 24.04.1978
    Tom Stamsnijder NED 15.05.1985
    Marcel Strauss SUI 15.08.1976
    Fabian Wegmann GER 20.06.1980
    Carlo Westphal GER 25.11.1985
    Peter Wrolich AUT 30.05.1974
    Oliver Zaugg SUI 09.05.1981
    Beat Zberg SUI 10.05.1971
    Markus Zberg SUI 27.06.1974

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 327
    Rank: 5

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.lampre.com/cycling

    General manager: Giuseppe Saronni
    Team managers: Giuseppe Martinelli, Fabrizio Bontempi, Maurizio Piovani

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: LAM
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 25
    Italian riders: 19
    Average age: 27.9
    Bikes: Wilier Triestina frames, Campagnolo components

    2006 - present: Lampre-Fondital
    2005: Lampre-Caffita

    Star Riders
    Alessandro Ballan ITA 11.06.1979
    Daniele Bennati ITA 09.24.1980
    Damiano Cunego ITA 09.19.1981
    Danilo Napolitano ITA 31.01.1981

    Fabio Baldato ITA 13.06.1968
    Matteo Bonomi ITA 11.11.1983
    Paolo Bossoni ITA 02.07.1976
    Marzio Bruseghin ITA 15.06.1974
    Giampaolo Caruso ITA 15.08.1980
    Jaime Alberto Castaneda Ortega COL 29.10.1986
    Claudio Corioni ITA 26.12.1982
    Giuliano Figueras ITA 24.01.1976
    Paolo Fornaciari ITA 02.02.1971
    Enrico Franzoi ITA 08.08.1982
    Francesco Gavazzi ITA 01.08.1984
    David Loosli SUI 08.05.1980
    Marco Marzano ITA 10.06.1980
    Massimiliano Mori ITA 08.01.1974
    Morris Possoni ITA 01.07.1984
    Daniele Righi ITA 28.03.1976
    Gorazd Stangelj SLO 27.01.1973
    Sylvester Szmyd POL 02.03.1978
    Paolo Tiralongo ITA 08.07.1977
    Tadej Valjavec SLO 13.04.1977
    Francisco Javier Vila Errandonea ESP 11.10.1975

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 247
    Rank: 13

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.teamliquigasbianchi.it

    General manager: Roberto Amadio
    Team managers: Mario Chiesa, Stefano Zanatta, Dario Mariuzzo, Mario Scirea

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: LIQ
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 29
    Italian riders: 18
    Average age: 27.9
    Bikes: Bianchi frames, Campagnolo components

    2006 - present: Liquigas
    2005: Liquigas-Bianchi

    Star Riders
    Magnus Bäckstedt SWE 01.30.1975
    Danilo Di Luca ITA 01.02.1976
    Luca Paolini ITA 17.01.1977
    Filippo Pozzato ITA 09.10.1981

    Michael Albasini SUI 20.12.1980
    Manuel Beltrán Martinez ESP 28.05.1971
    Leonardo Bertagnolli ITA 08.01.1978
    Patrick Calcagni SUI 05.07.1977
    Eros Capecchi ITA 13.06.1986
    Kjell Carlström FIN 18.10.1976
    Dario Cataldo ITA 17.03.1985
    Francesco Chicchi ITA 27.11.1980
    Mauro Da Dalto ITA 08.04.1981
    Francesco Failli ITA 16.12.1983
    Antonio Murilo Fisher BRA 16.06.1979
    Enrico Gasparotto ITA 22.03.1982
    Roman Kreuziger CZE 06.05.1986
    Aleksandr Kuschynski BLR 27.10.1979
    Vladimir Miholjevic CRO 18.01.1974
    Matej Mugerli SLO 17.06.1981
    Vincenzo Nibali ITA 14.11.1984
    Andrea Noè ITA 15.01.1969
    Franco Pellizotti ITA 01.15.1978
    Roberto Petito ITA 01.02.1971
    Manuel Quinziato ITA 30.10.1979
    Alessandro Spezialetti ITA 14.01.1975
    Guido Trenti USA 27.12.1972
    Alessandro Vanotti ITA 16.09.1980
    Charlie Wegelius GBR 26.04.1978
    Frederik Willems BEL 08.09.1979

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Team Milram

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 185
    Rank: 17

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.team-milram.com

    General manager: Gianluigi Stanga
    Team managers: Antonio Bevilacqua, Vittorio Algeri, Oscar Pellicioli, Jan Schaffrath

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: MRM
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 27
    Italian riders: 11
    Average age: 27.7
    Bikes: Colnago frames, Shimano components

    2006 - present: Milram

    Star Riders
    Igor Astarloa ESP 29.03.1976
    Andriy Grivko UKR 07.08.1983
    Alessandro Petacchi ITA 01.03.1974
    Erik Zabel GER 07.07.1970

    Mirko Celestino ITA 03.19.1974
    Alessandro Cortinovis ITA 11.10.1977
    Volodymyr Dyudya UKR 06.01.1983
    Sergio Ghisalberti ITA 10.12.1979
    Ralf Grabsch GER 07.04.1973
    Dennis Haueisen GER 13.09.1978
    Matej Jurco SVK 08.08.1984
    Christian Knees GER 05.03.1981
    Brett Lancaster AUS 15.11.1979
    Mirco Lorenzetto ITA 13.07.1981
    Martin Müller SUI 05.05.1984
    Alberto Ongarato ITA 24.07.1975
    Enrico Poitschke GER 25.08.1969
    Elia Rigotto ITA 04.03.1982
    Fabio Sabatini ITA 18.02.1985
    Fabio Sacchi ITA 22.05.1974
    Björn Schröder GER 27.10.1980
    Sebastian Schwager GER 04.01.1984
    Carlo Scognamiglio ITA 31.05.1983
    Marcel Sieberg GER 30.04.1982
    Sebastian Siedler GER 18.01.1978
    Niki Terpstra NED 18.05.1984
    Marco Velo ITA 09.03.1974

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 214
    Rank: 15

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.davitamon-lotto.com

    General manager: Geert Coeman
    Team managers: Mark Sergeant, Herman Frison, Hendrik Redant, Allan Peiper, Eric Van Lancker

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: PRL
    Kit design: A
    Number of riders: 29
    Belgian riders: 21
    Average age: 27.2
    Bikes: Ridley frames, Campagnolo components

    2006 - present: Predictor-Lotto
    2005 - 2006: Davitamon-Lotto
    2003 - 2004: Lotto-Domo
    2000 - 2002: Lotto-Adecco
    1997 - 1999: Lotto-Mobistar
    1995 - 1996: Lotto-Isoglass
    1993 - 1994: Lotto-Caloi
    1992: Lotto
    1990 - 1991: Lotto-Super Club
    1989: Lotto
    1985 - 1988: Lotto-Eddy Merckx

    Star Riders
    David Dario Cioni ITA 12.02.1974
    Cadel Evans AUS 02.14.1977
    Leif Hoste BEL 17.07.1977
    Robbie McEwen AUS 06.24.1972

    Mario Aerts BEL 31.12.1974
    Christophe Brandt BEL 06.05.1977
    Dominique Cornu BEL 10.10.1985
    Wim De Vocht BEL 29.04.1982
    Dries Devenyns BEL 22.07.1983
    Bart Dockx BEL 02.09.1981
    Nick Gates AUS 10.03.1972
    Christopher Horner USA 10.23.1971
    Nick Ingels BEL 02.09.1984
    Josep Jufré Pou ESP 05.08.1975
    Olivier Kaisen BEL 30.04.1983
    Björn Leukemans BEL 01.07.1977
    Matthew Lloyd AUS 24.05.1983
    Pieter Mertens BEL 28.08.1980
    Fred Rodriguez USA 03.09.1973
    Bert Roesems BEL 14.10.1972
    Roy Sentjens BEL 15.12.1980
    Tom Steels BEL 02.09.1971
    Geert Steurs BEL 24.09.1981
    Greg Van Avermaet BEL 17.05.1985
    Jurgen Van Den Broeck BEL 01.02.1983
    Preben Van Hecke BEL 09.07.1982
    Wim Van Huffel BEL 05.28.1979
    Johan Van Summeren BEL 04.02.1981
    Wim Vansevenant BEL 23.12.1971

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 248
    Rank: 12

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.qsi-cycling.com

    General manager: Patrick Lefévère
    Team manager: Alvaro Crespi

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: QSI
    Kit design: B
    Number of riders: 30
    Belgian riders: 13
    Average age: 27.6
    Bikes: Time frames, Campagnolo components

    2005 - present: Quick Step-Innergetic
    2003 - 2004: Quick Step-Davitamon
    1994 - 2002: Mapei

    Star Riders
    Paolo Bettini ITA 04.01.1974
    Tom Boonen BEL 10.15.1980
    Gert Steegmans BEL 30.09.1980
    Peter Van Petegem BEL 01.18.1970

    Serge Baguet BEL 18.08.1969
    Carlos Barredo ESP 05.06.1981
    Wilfried Cretskens BEL 10.07.1976
    Steven De Jongh NED 25.11.1973
    Addy Engels NED 16.06.1977
    Mauro Facci ITA 11.05.1982
    Juan Manuel Gárate ESP 24.04.1976
    Dmitry Grabovskiy UKR 30.09.1985
    Kevin Hulsmans BEL 11.04.1978
    Alessandro Proni ITA 28.12.1982
    Sébastien Rosseler BEL 15.07.1981
    Ivan Santaromita SUI 30.04.1984
    Leonardo Scarselli ITA 19.04.1975
    Hubert Schwab SUI 05.04.1982
    Kevin Seeldraeyers BEL 12.09.1986
    Bram Tankink NED 03.12.1978
    Andrea Tonti ITA 16.02.1976
    Matteo Tosatto ITA 14.05.1974
    Jurgen Van de Walle BEL 09.02.1977
    Kevin Van Impe BEL 19.04.1981
    Cédric Vasseur FRA 18.08.1970
    Geert Verheyen BEL 10.03.1973
    Davide Vigano ITA 12.06.1984
    Giovanni Visconti ITA 13.01.1983
    Wouter Weylandt BEL 27.09.1984
    Maarten Wynants BEL 13.05.1982

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 346
    Rank: 3

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.rabobank.nl

    General manager: Theo De Rooy
    Team manager: Erik Breukink
    Assistants: Adri Van Houwelingen, Joop Zoetemelk, Frans Maassen

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: RAB
    Kit design: D
    Number of riders: 28
    Dutch riders: 17
    Average age: 27.5
    Bikes: Colnago frames, Shimano components

    1996 - present: Rabobank
    1995: Novell
    1993 - 1994: WordPerfect
    1990 - 1992: Buckler

    Star Riders
    Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni ESP 09.17.1977
    Óscar Freire Gomez ESP 02.15.1976
    Denis Menchov RUS 01.25.1978
    Michael Rasmussen DEN 06.01.1974

    Mauricio Alberto Ardila Cano COL 05.21.1979
    Michael Boogerd NED 05.28.1972
    Jan Boven NED 28.02.1972
    Graeme Brown AUS 09.04.1979
    Bram De Groot NED 18.12.1974
    Marc De Maar NED 15.02.1984
    Thomas Dekker NED 09.06.1984
    Theo Eltink NED 27.11.1981
    Rick Flens NED 11.04.1983
    Robert Gesink NED 31.05.1986
    Mathew Hayman AUS 20.04.1978
    Pedro Horrillo Munoz ESP 27.09.1974
    Dmitri Kozontchuk RUS 05.04.1984
    Sebastian Langeveld NED 17.01.1985
    Gerben Löwik NED 29.06.1977
    Koos Moerenhout NED 05.11.1973
    Grischa Niermann GER 03.11.1975
    Joost Posthuma NED 08.03.1981
    Kai Reus NED 11.03.1985
    Leon Van Bon NED 01.28.1972
    Max Van Heeswijk NED 03.02.1973
    Thorwald Veneberg NED 16.10.1977
    William Walker AUS 31.10.1985
    Pieter Weening NED 05.04.1981

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Saunier Duval-Prodir

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 268
    Rank: 8

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.saunierduvalteam.com

    General manager: Mauro Gianetti
    Team managers: Pietro Algeri, Matteo Algeri, Sabino Angoitia, Joxean Fernández

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: SDV
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 28
    Spanish riders: 16
    Average age: 27.2
    Bikes: Scott frames, Campagnolo components

    2004 - present: Saunier Duval-Prodir

    Star Riders
    José Angel Gomez Marchante ESP 05.30.1980
    Iban Mayo Diez ESP 08.19.1977
    David Millar GBR 01.04.1977
    Gilberto Simoni ITA 08.25.1971

    Raivis Belohvoščiks LAT 21.01.1976
    Jose Alberto Benitez Roman ESP 14.11.1981
    Rubens Bertogliati SUI 09.05.1979
    Iker Camaño Ortuzar ESP 14.03.1979
    David Cañada ESP 11.03.1975
    Juan Jose Cobo Acebo ESP 11.02.1981
    David de la Fuente Rasilla ESP 04.05.1981
    Jesus del Nero ESP 16.03.1982
    Arkaitz Durán Aroca ESP 18.05.1986
    Alberto de la Puebla Ramos ESP 17.09.1984
    Koldo Gil Perez ESP 01.16.1978
    Ángel Gomez ESP 13.05.1981
    Ruben Lobato Elvira ESP 01.09.1978
    Piotr Mazur POL 02.12.1982
    Javier Meijas Leal ESP 30.09.1983
    Manuele Mori ITA 09.08.1980
    Luciano Pagliarini BRA 18.04.1978
    Leonardo Piepoli ITA 09.29.1971
    Riccardo Ricco ITA 01.09.1983
    Christophe Rinero FRA 29.12.1973
    Guido Trentin ITA 24.11.1975
    Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi ESP 06.05.1982
    Remmert Wielinga NED 27.04.1976
    Carlos Zarate Fernandez ESP 19.07.1980

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    T-Mobile Team

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: 269
    Rank: 7

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: www.t-mobile-team.com

    General manager: Bob Stapleton
    Team manager: Rolf Aldag

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: TMO
    Kit design: D
    Number of riders: 29
    German riders: 11
    Average age: 28.3
    Bikes: Giant frames, Shimano components

    2004 - present: T-Mobile
    1991 - 2003: Deutsche Telekom

    Star Riders
    Serhiy Honchar UKR 03.07.1970
    Kim Kirchen LUX 07.03.1978
    Michael Rogers AUS 12.20.1979
    Patrik Sinkewitz GER 10.20.1980

    Michael Barry CAN 18.12.1975
    Eric Baumann GER 21.03.1980
    Lorenzo Bernucci ITA 15.09.1979
    Marcus Burghardt GER 30.06.1983
    Mark Cavendish GBR 21.05.1986
    Gerald Ciolek GER 19.09.1986
    Scott Davis AUS 22.04.1979
    Bernhard Eisel AUT 02.17.1981
    Linus Gerdemann GER 16.09.1982
    Bert Grabsch GER 19.06.1975
    André Greipel GER 16.07.1982
    Giuseppe Guerini ITA 14.02.1970
    Roger Hammond GBR 01.30.1974
    Adam Hansen AUS 11.05.1981
    Greg Henderson NZL 10.09.1976
    Andreas Klier GER 15.01.1976
    Servais Knaven NED 06.03.1971
    André Korff GER 04.06.1973
    Axel Merckx BEL 08.08.1972
    Aaron Olsen USA 11.01.1978
    Jakob Piil DEN 09.03.1973
    Marco Pinotti ITA 25.02.1976
    František Raboň CZE 26.09.1983
    Stephan Schreck GER 15.07.1978
    Thomas Ziegler GER 24.11.1980

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Unibet.com Cycling Team

    Numbers Game
    ProTour points of 2006: None (The team did not participate)
    Rank: 20

    E-mail: Coming later
    Web: www.unibetcycling.com

    General manager: Koen Terryn
    Team manager: Jacques Hanegraaf

    Statistics & Facts
    UCI code: UNI
    Kit design: C
    Number of riders: 26
    Swedish riders: 2
    Average age: 25.5
    Bikes: Coming later

    2006 - present: Unibet.com Cycling Team

    Star Riders
    Jimmy Casper FRA 28.05.1978
    Baden Cooke AUS 12.10.1978
    Víctor Hugo Peña Grisales COL 10.07.1974
    José Rujano VEN 18.02.1982

    Matteo Carrara ITA 25.03.1979
    Arnaud Coyot FRA 06.10.1980
    Markus Eichler GER 18.02.1982
    Gorik Gardeyn BEL 17.03.1980
    Michal Golas POL 29.04.1984
    Jeremy Hunt GBR 12.03.1974
    Pieter Jacobs BEL 06.06.1986
    Alexander Khatuntsev RUS 11.02.1985
    Sergey Kolesnikov RUS 10.03.1986
    Gustav Erik Larsson SWE 20.09.1980
    Jonas Ljungblad SWE 15.01.1979
    Luis Pasamontes ESP 02.10.1979
    Matheus Pronk NED 01.07.1974
    Niels Scheuneman NED 21.12.1983
    Gil Suray BEL 29.08.1984
    Laurens Ten Dam NED 13.11.1980
    Erwin Thijs BEL 06.08.1970
    Rigoberto Uran COL 26.01.1987
    Stijn Vandenbergh BEL 25.04.1984
    Troels Ronning Vinther DEN 24.02.1987
    Matthew Wilson AUS 01.10.1977
    Marco Zanotti ITA 21.01.1974


    FREDBLACK New Member

    Feb 27, 2006
    Likes Received:
    thanks. this is great work

  3. Mouse Potato

    Mouse Potato New Member

    Jun 26, 2003
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    Excellent overview, Kallenovsky! :)

    But can someone please educate this ignorant Aussie about what the kit design letters mean?

  4. Kallenovsky

    Kallenovsky New Member

    Jul 9, 2006
    Likes Received:

    That is the American grading system (A - highest / F - lowest) and I took a poll asking cycling fans what they thought of the new uniforms for each team. Some of the new designs I could not get into the preview icons sadly. Anyway, I had over 150 votes from the local community, which is quite strong, and those grades were the overall opinions of those voters.

    I hope that clears that up, I know most countries don't use our grading system.

  5. Mouse Potato

    Mouse Potato New Member

    Jun 26, 2003
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    It certainly does, thanks!

    I never would have thought of that. The A-to-F grading system is used in Australia too, but... Euskaltel-Euskadi getting an A??? ;)

    I'd been trying to match the letters with garment construction techniques or colour schemes for long-distance identification or stuff like that. No wonder I couldn't make it work out. :D
  6. Kallenovsky

    Kallenovsky New Member

    Jul 9, 2006
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    No problem. Any further questions or discussion is always welcome.

    I personally like the E-E kits, but obviously not as much as some of our other locals do. Hah! That's ok. However, I wasn't surprised that Predictor-Lotto's kits were rated so high (the highest actually) because those are very nice. I was actually expecting Discovery's new design to rate at the top.

    My personal favorite is actually the Caisse d'Epargne kit, but I think it dropped to a B because there are some riders who voted that don't like that it is mostly black. Obviously not good for riding in the sun no matter how the material is made. I have yet to buy a professional team's kit, but I really should support my favorite when I ride. I don't think the Caisse kit should bother me since where I live trees mostly cover the entire bike path with the exception of a bridge that goes over a busy highway.

    Any pro events you're looking forward to most this season?