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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by B. Lafferty, Feb 13, 2004.

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    ........While the focus of drug use has been very much on France since the start of the year, a
    story in today’s issue of sports daily AS says the authorities in Spain are becoming increasingly
    concerned about the increased use of EPO among Spanish riders. Such has been the extent of the
    increase that the UCI met with representatives from the Spanish teams last November to express
    their concern.

    Last month an article in Spanish daily El Pais quoted the UCI as saying: "We ’ve applied an equation
    calculated by Australian investigators to the results of blood tests we’ve taken… and we’ve come to
    the conclusion that about 70 (Spanish) cyclists used EPO in the weeks before important events. This
    figure will help us to target riders under suspicion until they test positive." .........

    ............All Spanish teams will know the dates of the tests but not the names of the riders who
    will be tested. A commission under the control of an independent doctor will evaluate the results.
    However, it has not yet been established whether riders or teams could be sanctioned based on a
    failed test within this new system. ............


    There will be an INS Green Card check at Wal-Mat on the second Tuesday of every month. That should
    catch the illegals. ;-)

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