Uci World Championships


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Aug 4, 2013
Was anyone able to go to the races and watch? Living in Richmond it was an incredible experience. I think Richmond did a really good job organizing the event. Watching Sagan take the title in person was a totally different feeling. What was everyone's thoughts on the race who attended?
I wasn't there in person but I thought that it was an interesting course, one that was worthy of a World Champs. It was a good race to watch and had me screaming at the TV at the end. A nice choice of route by the organizers and a worthy winner.

I like Peter. The lad embodies all I like about cycling and to see him win was ace. I was hoping that when he reached his mid 20's that he'd start getting better at the longer events. Here's to the next few years of Belgium classics and Roubaix ;)
It's hard not to love Sagan. He took a lot of unfair criticism until he finally won a Vuelta stage. Including from his blowhard team owner.

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