UCI World Cup - Bankstown Australia


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Apr 27, 2003
Just wanted to post here about the World Cup, I just returned from watching the sunday afternoon finals, and what a great way to spend a few hours in bankstown!

Rochelle Gilmore did a fantastic job, she helped Australia to qualify fastes for the team sprint, raced the 10km Scratch, getting silver - and SOO close to winning!, then the next race on the program was the team sprint final, which she jumped straight into, and brought home gold for Australia with her two teamates.

Shane Kelly was awesome to see, in the mens team sprint, one of my all time favourite riders, he helped the boys to a very close Silver in that event.

It was so exciting and motivating to see the event, so many top class riders all together competing, the whole event is very well run also - the events are run smoothly and quick, I was very impressed with everything.

Well done Australia, some excellent rides in there, and congrats to Japan for winning the team sprint, what a race that was!



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Jan 14, 2002
I say the SBS World Sports segment. It looked good. They'll obviously screen a highlights package down the track. The thing that stood out was that Australia has even more depth like the guys in the team pursuit being so young.

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