UCI WORLD CYCLING TOUR for AMATEURS - In Skyros Island - Greece


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Dec 2, 2014
What is the UWCT?
The UWCT (UCI World Cycling Tour) is the ideal competition for all amateur (from the Latin word ‘amator’= lover) cyclists who want to overcome a feat that they've challenged themselves to go through, and immerse themselves in the excitement and curiosity to see the outcome. It comprises 14 worldwide competitions which will qualify you for the World Amateurs Championships, Denmark from 3rd-6st September.
When is it held?
From: May 22 to 24th, an Individual Time Trial and a Road Race (2 distances) in the beautiful island of Skyros, Greece.
Who does it address?
Both men and women at the following age groups:
· 19-34
· 35-39
· 40-44
· 45-49
· 50-54
· 55-59
· 60-64
· 65+
What competitions does it involve?
· 22th May: ITT 21,2 km flat-hilly time trial
· 24th May: R.R 116Km. mixed profile
· 24th May: R.R 61,4 km ‘Skyros Cycling Challenge - Experience’
Will you make it? Why not? Even if you won’t, it doesn't matter, as long as you set the bar higher every time, focusing on the goals that you strive to accomplish.
Visit www.uwct-skyros.gr for more information and registration