UK bike week 2004

Discussion in ' archive' started by Sarah.Miller, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Sarah.Miller

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    dear all I've been looking at the web site for national bike
    week ( june 12th-20th) and wondering if any one else would
    be interested in coming along to a social ride in exeter or
    nearby organised under the bike week banner. If they will
    alow a primarily unicycle event to be under their banner.
    Thoughts so far include an ice cream eating ride along one
    of the local sea fronts - exmouth/seaton/etc or a pub and
    cafe cwral along the river side cycle path in Exeter. or a
    muni ride.

    Any thoughts? from my point of veiw the 12 or 13th or 20th
    of june are the best days. How does that fit with any plans
    for a bmw in june?


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  2. Treepotato

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    Yes please!

    have to ask mum but i would love to! I love unicycling
    events :)

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    prove it
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