UK First Year Junior Winter Training?

Steve Junior

New Member
Nov 3, 2002
What to do?<br />When to do it?<br />I have just taken two weeks off!!<br />I am ready to come back!!<br />I have TURBO Trainer, this is all i am able to do on week nights and long ride on sunday and shorter ride on sat morn is possible!!<br />HELP me please!!<br />thanx<br />Steve
Steve, I'm sure we're all happy to help you. But will you check out some of the other posts first about winter training.<br /><br />Also, get in touch with British Cycling Coaching and Education who can help find you a coach [email protected]. The coaches often work for free and can help you come up with a personal plan.<br /><br />Let us know how you get on, if you still have questions let us know what they are. Where in the UK do you live, if you are local I might know a coach to help you.

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