UK/Wales/Cardiff: Enforcement of no-cycling zone (humour)

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Helen Deborah V

Thus spake "Mr [email protected] \(2.3 zulu-alpha\) [comms room 2]" <[email protected]>


> Fortunately, this ff^wl could not find any cyclists who were violating the no-cycling zone; so he
> used the spade on 43 shop windows.

> Incidentally the incident occured in February; I would not have thought this suitable weather for
> wandering around Cardiff clad only in one's underpants (not that I would do such a thing anyway!)

I agree, but my bog mindles at the timings on the pictures. He was having a smashing time for two
hours, by the looks of things.

Helen D. Vecht: [email protected] Edgware.
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