Ultegra bar end levers (update)

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    Apr 26, 2003
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    Apologies to all the readers of Cycling Plus who answered my
    advert in the March issue.

    I am at present overseas and have been so since Early February,
    and will be here until June 9th (ish)
    The advert was intended to be in the January edition, but due to
    the amount of adverts the magazine are presented with it sometimes takes a couple of months to appear.

    I have not replied to the calls on my mobile because as I am
    overseas I would be liable for part of the call's cost. I have had
    a lot of response (including one guy who rang as I was
    collecting my baggage in the arrivals lounge at the airport) and
    to be fair, the first person who contacts me when I'm back in
    the UK will sent the levers for the price advertised.


    Michael Anderson.