ultegra vs DuraAce shifters


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Feb 24, 2003
My Dura Ace shifters are shot and Shimano wants
250€ for a rebuild! My LBS says new Ultegras
are much better then the old (they'd better be,
I had problems with them anyhow). Should
I go for he new Ultegras (200€)? New flightdeck
DA are 380€. Might as well give them Utegras a try, no?
Sounds like going with "the new" is the way to go. Ultegra works great. If you are racing at the top levels I will buy that you NEED the very best components, but otherwise, there are other good investments. I think the new stuff sounds like the good investment here.
well if the rebuild is a lot cheaper and your leavers still look nice id go for the rebuild. Shimano built the things so im sure they would do a good rebuild. My previous bike had 105 and its levers failed too but it was still under warranty!!
if your present DA is 3 years old, or older, the new ultegra is probably better than your DA was when it was new. at 2.5 years of age and more than 13000 miles, my ultegra shifters still work smoothly. today's stuff is even better. go new ultegra.
An update...
I went for the new Ultegras and am happy. Shifts
are precise, no (significant) rattle, braking is much
better than my '99 Ultegras. Hope they last....
Steve you should bring back that karma option. CP my shifter is now playing up. Lever does not spring back when changing down.
!!!! the gear changing wire actully fell apart where it joins the lever and now it has that prob.

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