Unbound / free iron and diabetic infection

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    Acta Pathol Jpn. 1986 Oct;36(10):1507-12. Related
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    Mucormycosis in diabetic ketoacidosis. Role of unbound iron
    binding capacity of transferrin.

    Abe F, Shibuya H, Tateyama M, Ommura Y, Azumi N, Kimura K.

    Increased susceptibility to Rhizopus oryzae in diabetes was
    investigated using mice in which diabetic ketoacidosis was
    experimentally induced. All of the diabetic mice which had
    developed ketoacidosis died within four days after
    inoculation of R. oryzae and their serum UIBCs (Unbound iron
    binding capacity) were significantly lower than those of the
    normal control mice. This study suggested that the decreased
    serum UIBC produced by diabetic ketoacidosis enhances the
    growth of R. oryzae in vivo.

    PMID: 3099540 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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