Uncomfortable on long rides



I'm new to this forum, and fairly new to riding. After two years of being uncomfortable, I have to ask this awkward question. I appologize if anyone finds this offensive. It is not my intent to be silly or offend.

What can I do to keep my testicles out of the way when I'm riding. I hike my shorts up to where my friends give me a hard time, but still my testicles work themselves between my thigh and the seat. Also, I can't get out of the saddle without having to put my hand down my pants to readjust upon sitting back down.

Does anyone wear a jock support? are some shorts better at others for containing/controlling this problem? Any serious recommendations appreciated.
I'm wearing shorts and I'm on a Sel Italia Trans Am saddle. I was on an SLR, but gave that up for obvious reasons. In fact, if anyone would like the damn thing, it's yours.
You just explained your own problem your wearing shorts. Get a pair of knicks and the problem shouldnt be as bad. Try not to wear underpants under your knicks as well it doesnt look the best
get a Good set of Knicks with good padding. DO NOT WEAR UNDIES. they cause rubbing.

Allso get a proper bike jersey too if your just using a normal top as well?.

Bike socks are a good too for comfort and moisture absobtion