Uni mounts ... help with some definitions.

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    I was reading 'THIS' (http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/mounts/) and
    I found that a few of the defs were missing. Does anyone know some of
    the missing mount definitions ?

    I am just learning how to do some of the mounts and I noticed that I
    can't even do the "standard" mount..

    I first learned to ride by holding on to people or objects, then one
    day I wanted to get on by myself so I just held the seat, put one foot
    on the right pedal with it at 6o position and hopped up on the seat and
    slapped my left foot on the pedal and went. .. It took me a few days to
    get it but I can do that with 99% accuracy ...

    Then I tried swinging my foot around the front of the uni and picked
    that up quite easily..

    It turns out that the first one is the SIDE mount, and the second one


    I can't wait to learn more mounts and some tricks. I can come to a
    stop and bunny hop about 3-5 times before I just get off.. I want to
    learn to bunny hop and then ride on like normal... I'm getting there
    slowly =) And I think its not bad considering that I only learned
    how to ride this thing last saturday ! LOL


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    most of the ones without definitions are quite self explanatory, like
    jump mount with 360 seat spin whilst airborne. thats where you jump,
    spin the unicycle 360 when you're airborne, and land on the unicycle.


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