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  1. dan de man

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    this is a weird question but has anyone here seen ,riden or made a:
    kangaroo coker
    impossible coker
    ultimate coker

    kangaroo 12 inch
    impossible 12 inch
    ultimate 12 inch

    if possible post a photo

    dan de man

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  2. GILD

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    Here's a link to some 'Ultimate Wheel Cokering.'


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  3. Me and a lot of other people have tried valiantly to ride Mackenzies
    Ultimate coker.


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  4. johnfoss

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    TheObieOne3226 wrote:
    > Me and a lot of other people have tried valiantly to ride Mackenzies
    > Ultimate coker.

    Me too, after about five minutes. Of course I can barely ride a regular
    one. I have seen Tom Miller (Unicycle Factory) ride an "ultimate" wagon
    wheel, about 46" diameter and probably 40 lbs, many years ago. Talk
    about putting your crotch at risk!


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