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  1. trials2k

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    this is the thread to tell everyone where you go the most to have a good
    cruise or for a good frequent challenge, for trials, street or muni or
    what eva u ride!

    my favourite spot to ride is at the local school where there is stairs,
    drops, hops, rails, beams, logs, and playgrounds. Its my fav spot, but
    im moving houses soon so i will have to find a new spot :)


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  2. Erant

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    We (my brother and I) ride all over town, but we have a high
    concentration of schools nearby, and those usually have nice trial
    objects. My favorite spots are always construction sites, but those
    tend to be hard to get to, so we have to climb over fences, and crawl
    under stuff in order to get at my line, not to mention that people
    would rather not have you there, so I can only go there on sundays and
    saturdays. There's also an old building nearby, which has some cool
    lines, and an occasional visit to the local hospital also yields some
    nice lines. All these lines are beginning to get slightly stale and old
    though, so I might go out of town soon to try my luck in Amsterdam.


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  3. burjzyntski

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    I want to go to Amsterdam...

    If I feel like distance riding, there's a sidewalk that runs for miles
    and miles down the highway...although I'd rather ride more scenic
    trails in the mountains...

    If I feel like trials, I either make a trials course or go to a
    construction site (which there are -plenty- of, here).

    There are no "street" obstacles. I don't live near anything close to a


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  4. chosen

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    i go in front of my house, but sometimes ill go to a school. or like an
    outdoor basketball court. i dont really do anything that requires any
    obstacles. just straight tricks. sometimes when i want to go for a
    distance ride (like once a month) ill go about 4 miles up to a high
    bridge right on the ocean, where people just come and fish and its a
    neat area.


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  5. My local neighborhood...neighborhood. I just sort of ride around the
    sidewalk and streets. But then again, I'm still just riding, not doing
    tricks yet, so that may change.


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  6. I'm a university student, so there's plenty of stairs, ledges, etc right
    outside my dorm. For longer rides we have around a 20 mile network of
    bike/hiking trails that run throughout the city, along the river,
    adjacent to some bogs, through some woods, past some farmland, and
    generally other nice places to ride past and through.

    Unfortunately right now I'm stuck at my parents' house, which gives me
    little more than the small subdivision to ride around in. The only
    ways out of the subdivision are via dinky country roads with no
    shoulders that now carry far more traffic than they were designed to,
    which I don't like riding on.

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  7. cathwood

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    Now it's winter and dark by the time I get home from work, I 'do'
    pavements or freemounting practice outside my house. At the weekend or
    holiday I either go distance along the prom or along a ftotpath that
    used to be the old railway track. I would like to find longer tracks -
    for either MUni or distance riding as I don't like riding on the road
    but I'm not having much luck at the moment. There's also a car park
    that I like that's very quiet where I practice stuff like riding in
    circles on my 29er.



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