Unicycle mementos for Iraqi Children needed...........

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    Hello all,
    Well in the next month or so, I am working on putting on a demo show
    for Iraqi children at a Orphanage and or school. I am working on all
    of the details in order to join the teams that go out and distribute
    school supplies and what not. I will be taking my 24" Torker and Coker
    to do some demo for the kids. I am not that good with the tricks but I
    feel that the Iraqi children will be an easy audience because most have
    never even seen a unicycle.

    This brings me to my request. I would like to hand out something that
    will be a memento for the kids of a unicycle. I think sticker would
    not be a good idea and am thinking about maybe key fobs or Uni button

    Of course, anything would be great.

    My shipping address here is -

    MAJ Duke Samouce
    101st Avn BDE/S3
    FOB Speicher
    APO AE 09369

    Thanks so much!


    Duke in Iraq
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    ohh i wanna send some stuff to u, but i cant coz i dont have nething :(

    hav u sent this email to udc, or ne other unicycle online shop, because
    i think u mite get a bit of support from them ...

    worth a try


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