Jan 8, 2016
Are unicycles still a thing somewhere? Can you ride a unicycle? I've only seen unicycles on television. I know you can buy them on Ebay, but I'm not even going to try that. Learning how to ride a bicycle was fun for the most part. Learning how to ride a unicycle will not be fun at all.
Riding a unicycle is not that difficult. You only need to try it out for a few hours a day and you will become a pro. You can also consider buying an electric unicycle which is much easier to ride. You can buy yours online and have fun riding.
I can't tell when was the last time I saw someone on a unicycle. I think learning to ride it is all about balance though
I think the last time I saw anyone riding the unicycle was back in high school for entertainment purposes. I've never tried riding one but I always wanted to before.
Well most of the time in the t.v while watching some cartoons, but the actual one, never. Yeah, honestly, I never seen this before just in t.v. But if I have chance, I want to ride in unicycle I want to try it, it's looks fun and exciting.