Unicycling Dream (Freewheeling)

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  1. Mandell

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    I had a strange dream last night.

    I dreamt that I was riding along and all of a sudden
    something broke in my unicycle and it suddenly started to
    freewheel (I could still ride forward, but could not apply
    backward torque). Fortunately, I realized at that point that
    I could use the breaks on the handlebars (sticking up from
    in front of my seat). I merrily continued riding and did not
    think that anything was strange.

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  2. Same happened to me, except on a giraffe, and I was being
    chased by dogs.

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    Just last night I had little more depressing uni dream
    (nightmare). I tried to mount my old cottered schwinn and
    one of the pedals just spun around... to my dismay one of
    the cotters was shot.


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  4. I had a great freewheeling dream last night, or more of a
    coasting dream, I was out muniing and decided to coast along
    a local trail but did it lying on my back on the seat, quite
    an achievement considering in the real life consious world I
    am no where near ready to even try coasting. Anyway I sailed
    on for what must have been about half a mile like this which
    was pretty good considering some of the trail was flat,
    before sitting up and coming to a skidding halt, the type of
    halt you might do on a mountain bike. Then the dream turned
    into a nightmare as during my horizontal coasting session I
    had somehow managed to rip the tyre to shreads and wreck the
    rim. I remember feeling quite annoyed about this as it left
    me without a unicycle, I woke up then, it was about 5.30 and
    the birds were starting to sing. Freewheeling a unicycle
    does seem to be a bit of a recuring dream though which other
    unicyclists seem to have judging by this thread.


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  6. Chuck Webb

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    No, when i have unicycling dreams, they're totally
    different. I guess just the fact that you have unicyling
    dreams is probably grounds to get you locked up
    somewhere...but anyway...

    In my dreams, it always seems to be spins...the freestyle
    kind, you know, just start riding in circles, the circles
    get smaller and smaller, and it ends in a glorious figure
    skater type of spin, arms perfectly straight out to the
    sides...only i'm on my Coker!

    Chuck Webb

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