Unicycling gets the nod in Reader's Digest!

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    The current issue of Reader's Digest, May 2006, has the headline
    "America's 100 Best" on the cover. In the top fifty, at #45, is "best
    balancing act".

    It reads:
    "Who says two wheels are better than one? Hop on a sleek unicycle and
    shed calories while building core muscles and poise. Average time to
    learn to ride is 10-15 hours, say the experts at unicycle.com, an
    online retailer based in Marietta, Georgia. Top speed on this popular
    wheel? About 10 mph. Beginners will enjoy the sturdy Torker Unistar CX
    16-inch Special Edition (torkerusa.com: $85). And don't forget the

    This is accompanied by a nice color photo of the green & black
    unicycle. Very nice mainstream press indeed!


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    Yup. Gotta love that mainstream press. I always smile when I see or
    hear of unicycling getting positive exposure.

    But, Readers Digest? I didn't even know they were still around. My Mom
    used to subscribe to that when I was a kid and I'm about a hundred now.
    Haven't even seen it in the doctors office lately.

    Today, Readers Digest. Tomorrow, National Geographic?;)


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