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Lots of time I think I have something I'd like to write, but don't think
it's worthy of it's own thread, nor does it fit an existing topic. This
tread idea is a general place for random unicycle topics which may not
be new thread worthy, or not fit into an existing thread. Any little
thing uni can go here.

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It's raining today so I'll start with a long entry, the idea that you
don't freely ride a unicycle. The unicycle is a cunning device, you are
'owned' (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=owned).

Remember learning to ride? That is when the unicycle was training you.
The uni mocked your every attempt, toying with you. At first dared you
to try, and then laughed at your falls, quietly it revels in your
sprained ankles and scraped hands. Ah, but the brilliants of the uni,
it gives in ever so a little, enough to let you think that you've made
progress. At first it's riding a single turn of the wheel, just enough
to allow you think you've made progress. Already the uni is tightening
it's grip and taking control. It knows you'll be back.

You've made progress, now the uni holds back, you struggle to capture
previous accomplishments, and become torn to regain control. True to
form the uni plays the waiting game, until nearly your final attempt to
allow any chance of progress. Relentlessly, the uni randomly teases,
sometimes allowing great progress for a session, then stealing back the
progress, frustrating the individual but always calculating to entice
the unicyclist back.

For every skill gained the uni dangles the a reward of another
challenge, if you can go 5ft, can you mount, can you hop, can you hop
up something, down, and on. Then, can you do those things new ways,
faster, slower, further, higher, backwards, longer, it doesn't end.
Now the uni has you, you think it's for exercise or pleasure, but in
reality you've been conditioned. You ride at the will of the uni.


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