Unintended Consequences

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Instead of everyone waiting for Saturn or the Navigators to stand up to the bully that was Mercury,
the dynamics of the schoolyard have changed.

60 neo-pros all looking to get picked up by real teams and a dozen team directors trying to get
their team's noticed should make for a

result in some great and unpredictable racing.

The only hope that Saturn and the Navigators have is to try to intimidate the smaller teams right
out of the gate. But good luck. Riders like Billy Innes, Jon Hamblen, Rusty Beall, Matt Svatek,
and John Kelly have been around long enough not to be shouted down by the likes of Jeff Louder or
Trent Klasna.

And I hope I'm there the first time someone tries to give either Bill Laudien or Mike Neel some
****. In fact, the word among the east coast moto officials is that they hope Wordin figures out a
way to weasel himself back into the peloton just to watch him and Laudien have a fist fight in the
fountain in Logan Circle. And I wouldn't put it past Mike Neel to smash his car into the rest of the
caravan screaming in three different languages just to let folks know he's still alive.

Tighten your seat belts kids, this is going to be one fun ride.
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