update on Tacx i - Genius and Cycling


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May 23, 2013
Now had the Tacx for a good few months now , i have cycled round paris , rome .. the alps , but now mostly i do 100 laps in a virtual veladrome .. I love this it gets you at it , i am 54 in december and last december got back into road cycling .. Since then i have changed shape and lost 16LB .. Even a young Woman at school said "Oh my god look at you " after the holidays .. My sister in law said to my wife after not seeing me for a couple of months , F**k me Rog looks good , he looks like a proper Cyclist .. She now has a bike ! Lol ....

I get out a couple of times a week i do a 50 mile ride at the weekend and a 20 / 30 mile ride in the week followed by 15 miles a day on the tacx with a days rest ...

The Tacx has been a major part , i do 15 miles a day in the veladrome .. 100 laps in 33.06 is my best time .... i am hoping to do the lands end to John o Groats in september 2015 ..

I now have my plan from Deloitte , They have said i am on target and could do it next september , but i want to give myself more time ..