Upgrade components on a 2011 Trek X-Caliber


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Jul 27, 2004
Hello everyone,

I have a 2011 Trek X-Caliber that I am looking to upgrade the components on and I want to know what some good upgrades might be. I am upgrading the juicy brakes to elixer 3 brakes in the spring because I got those for Christmas. I had numerous problems with the juicy brake set so i am excited to get rid of them. I have to get some new tires and was thinking about upgrading to a tubeless wheel set but not sure which one to get. I am also considering upgrading the Sram X7 components to maybe Sram X0 components. I plan to ride a lot this spring and summer and have a few dollars to put into the bike. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 23, 2005
FWIW. Depending on your budget & aesthetic preferences, I think that you may want to consider either SHIMANO XT or SLX components instead of another set of SRAM components.