Upgrade from Flatbar to Road


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Aug 4, 2006
Jotjepoes said:
I bought a flat bar road bike (Sublime 2) about 14 months ago and really love it and have got completely hooked on riding. I'm at the stage where I'm researching getting a road bike, trying to work out what I want, what is realisitic and so I know what to save for. I'm hoping to get something for the next "Round the Bay" in Melbourne.

I'm pretty sure I need a WSD as I'm small (5ft) and also have very small hands. I've got a few questions which I hope some of you can answer:

1. I went into a bike store close to home, and the guy I spoke to said there were 3 types of carbon used for bikes: Chinese made carbon, Taiwanese made carbon and US carbon. The latter 2 are good but not the first - any truth to this? After talking to him further, I gather that Scott and Canondale (both of which they stock), some of the better Specialised use Taiwanese made carbon. Whereas Giant and Avanti use the Chinese made carbon. Any views on this?

2. What's the advantage of an Ultegra set over a 105 set? And of a Dura-Ace set over an Ultegra set? What's the difference in weight (I've heard conflicting amounts ranging from 175g to 500 g)? Anything else?

3. Any recommendations on a WSD road bike? My flatbar is about 12kg, so I'm looking to get something lighter than that so I can really go on the hills. I assume this means carbon and a price tag of at least $3,000+? I'm still saving (and I'm a good saver), but I guess the more expensive the bike, the longer it will be before I get it. Models I've been thinking about - Subzero (3 or pro), Specialised Ruby, Scott Contessa CR1. Any views or suggestions?

Im in the same boat as you, if your in victoria i know goldcross are outing some carbon framed ultegra models for only 2200 a$




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Jan 14, 2006
Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, nothing there on sale that would fit me. Good luck with your search.