Upgrade from Mountain Bike to what? Part 2



I thought that I would ask you pro's what your thoughts are for off the shelf Hybrids and Racing Bikes for a 40 year old who wants to be more competative.
I got 1 or 2 replies but it seems that there is a battle going on out their regarding what groupsets to go for!
Someone suggested that I buy a road bike (Giant) & put straight handle bars on it but surely this would affect the type of groupset that I could use?
Any thoughts on the TREK 7500FX ?

Yes, using flat handle bars will not allow you to use the higher end Shimano STI levers. Instead, you will have to use Tiagra Rapidfire shifters and brake levers. Very similar to the Rapidfire shifters for mountainbikes. However, I believe you can use the Tiagra Rapidfires together with, say, D/A cranks, RD, FD, and brake calipers.

How thoughtful of Shimano to provide flat handlebar shifters for those who prefer hybrids....can't say the same for Campy ;D ;D ;D

When I was still riding half a bike (I ride tandem now and that is a whole bike!!!!!) I rode a Trek 7200 FX, the lower end of your Trek 7500FX. What a joy. I now compete in a much higher class (Group C) and the bike enabled me to race and keep up with the fancy guys on their racers. The 7500 has much higher end components like Bonrager rims Deore etc. They also now have a shock front fork. Quite sexy..... But then Lance says it is NOT ABOUT THE BIKE !!!!!!!!!

I still ride my 7200 if I can prise it away from my son who claimed it as his.!!!!!

Keep those wheels turning

Big H