UPgrading fork on Cannondale F5-need help!!


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Jul 27, 2006
Hello all,

I am thinking of buying a Cannondale F5 http://www.cannondale.com/bikes/07/cusa/mountain/hardtail/model-7FS5.html tomorrow (other choices are all hardtails, maybe a GF Cobia 29er). Anyways, I was thinking about the 2007 F5 because cost of entry is very low ($550), but its a fairly light and stiff frame that can be upgraded significantly OVER TIME and not break the bank. This assumng some smart shopping on e-bay and etc. Still I digress....

My first question is what shocks or more specifically what size steerer tube do I need for this bike?

My next question is with the 100's or more choices in front shocks, how in the heck do you narrow it down? I know my needs will strickly be cross country (not too intense) riding and the occasional mountain bike race. I know my first requirement of the shock is weight. The stock shock on the F5 is 5.3 lbs!!! So any 3 to 3.5 lb shock will be a great improvement, but theres so many choices.

For the astute-you might be thinking why not get the F4 with the dlr fatty shock at 2.8 lbs and a great feel, well aesthetically (whichc is important to me) I think its the most butt ugly thing ever put on a bike. I just cannot do it.

Anyone who wishes to help-I am very appreciative.