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    A couple of years ago my knees decided they didn't like me running to try to stay in shape. So I bought a Giant Defy 5 to give road cycling a try. Love it! And, planning to stick with cycling, now I'm looking for a new ride to maybe make logging future miles a little more enjoyable.
    I'm 45, and a rec level rider. Logging 50-70 miles/wk. Mostly solo rides, but I fit in group rides where the work/dad/life/other hobbies schedule allows. Not planning to race, but the occasional local/charity event is not out of the question, and century rides are definitely in the future plans.
    The typical considerations apply: aluminum vs. carbon, and, spend more on frame vs. components. I've got my eye on a few models that are available through local or nearby shops so I can properly fit and test ride.
    Here are the candidates so far (no particular order)
    Giant Defy Advanced
    Trek Domane 4 series
    Pinarello RazhaK
    Ridley Fenix
    Cannondale Synapse
    I know most of the difference between these will be with individual fit and ride comfort. But I'm wondering about ownership experience with these brands, or if there is a comparable off-brand model that can match the quality/durability/service of sticking with one of these main brands.