Upgrading From Starter Bike


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Sep 2, 2015
A couple of years ago my knees decided they didn't like me running to try to stay in shape. So I bought a Giant Defy 5 to give road cycling a try. Love it! And, planning to stick with cycling, now I'm looking for a new ride to maybe make logging future miles a little more enjoyable.
I'm 45, and a rec level rider. Logging 50-70 miles/wk. Mostly solo rides, but I fit in group rides where the work/dad/life/other hobbies schedule allows. Not planning to race, but the occasional local/charity event is not out of the question, and century rides are definitely in the future plans.
The typical considerations apply: aluminum vs. carbon, and, spend more on frame vs. components. I've got my eye on a few models that are available through local or nearby shops so I can properly fit and test ride.
Here are the candidates so far (no particular order)
Giant Defy Advanced
Trek Domane 4 series
Pinarello RazhaK
Ridley Fenix
Cannondale Synapse
I know most of the difference between these will be with individual fit and ride comfort. But I'm wondering about ownership experience with these brands, or if there is a comparable off-brand model that can match the quality/durability/service of sticking with one of these main brands.
I agree with you when you said about your knees on your running. There are some senior citizens I know who stopped their early morning jogging in favor of brisk walking. They had read a medical article that says jogging puts so much pressure on the knees and the impact that jogging gives to the joints tends to abuse the tendons. That is one good reason for biking over jogging. Biking is enjoyable simply because it is a ride while jogging is just a physical activity, nothing more.

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