Upgrading my Giant DS2 front rear shocks? Brands, help ?


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Sep 4, 2004
Can anyone help me out with finding some good front forks and rear shocks that will work on my Giant Warp DS2 mountain bike. Like from a web site ? I'm looking for at least 5" + traveling front shock. I'm new on the mountain bike scene and do not know which parts fit what. My current 4" is alright and I have not had the chance to bottom it out yet but I would like a good piece for my bike. I'm looking to spend around $200-500 for a nice front fork. 5" is alright but I would like much more. I was recomended a front fork from the place I bought the bike from but I think it only had 5 " of travel. It was $200. If you can help me out it would be great.

My bike "cept my front shock says RST magnesium T4 not so sure if its the same on there web site"- http://www.giant-bicycle.com/us/030.000.000/030.000.006.asp?dealerid=&dealercountry=&lYear=2004&bikesection=8841&range=153&model=10824