Upgrading my road bike £1000 budget. Advice needed.


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Dec 5, 2013

I have been cycling all my life but only in the last 12 months have got into road cycling proper. I enjoy going out for the day, doing 50 miles + and seeing where I end up. I have no intentions of competing in the near future.

I currently ride a second hand Carrera road bike which has served me well but it is time to upgrade.

I have a budget of no more than £1000. A carbon frame would be great (if possible) and a Tiagra minimum group set is what I am looking for.

My measurements are:

Height 1.88m
Inseam 891mm
Arm 722mm
Shoulder 430mm

I had my heart set on this bike but after looking at the frame geometry I don't think it will suit me. http://www.wiggle.co.uk/mekk-2g-poggio-p20-tiagra-2013/

A) Please can someone confirm my suspicions about the above bike not being suitable for me

B) I am looking for any recommendations that fit by above requirements.

I would be grateful of any advice.

Thank you.
A 59 cm Mekk would be the right size for you, and I've read positive feedback on it. But the bike's geometry is rather aggressive, meaning a rather long reach and short rise. If you're thinking you're more the "endurance geometry" type, then I'd keep looking, perhaps at the Bianchi Impulso and Ridley Fenix. At this price point the difference between a carbon frame and aluminum isn't that significant.