Upgrading wheelset and groupset


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Oct 30, 2002
i now consider it inevitable that i will upgrade both the wheels and the groupset on my OCR3 and i want to know if this can be done in two stages or if i have to do both at once.<br /><br />i am currently running sora 8 speed and if i upgrade the wheels can i get a hub that is compatible with the current 8 speed casette but also compatible with a 105 9 speed or will i have to upgrade both at the same time?
Don't know if this is possible but if you have a REALLY friendly lbs then you could ask them to build up the new wheelset with the old hub and then when you get a new groupset you can re-build the wheel and return the old hup to the other wheels and then sell them. Problem here, of course, is that you don't get to sell the old wheels until you get the new wheelset, but you probably won't get too much on them in any case. AND of course the LBS might charge a little much for this operation!!!
It all depends on the hub that’s fitted on the wheelset that your are looking to buy. <br /><br />I know that, as an example, you can fit an 8 or 9 speed cassette on a 130mm Tiagra, 105 or Ultegra rear hub. Actually the only difference between 8 and 9 speed cassettes are the spacing between the cogs.<br /><br />But be very careful if you run Campy, the 8 speed cogs will not fit the 9 speed body, there are different keyways and the 8 speed splines are too shallow and they will damage the aluminium freehub body.<br /><br />As you can see the best thing to do will be to decide on what wheels you are going to buy and find out if the rear hub supports both 8 and 9 speed cassettes.<br /><br />
Thanks Goat<br /><br />The wheels i am looking at getting are velocity spartacus pros and i called the distributor this morning, he said that the hub is compatible with the 8 and 9 speed cassette.<br /><br />complete wheelset is 1750 grams with 40mm aero rims for $500 AU<br /><br />either that or i might get mavic cosmos