Uphill or downhill?

I actually like both.
I like climbing for the chalenge and cause i think im good at it :) and the down hill is the iceing on the cake its wicked.

i especialy like long decents of about 5k :). also my new tyres + weels r cool on decents the tyres grip great i can go into the corners like a motor bike :). and the wheels r quick. there was no club race this week (my mistake) opps.
whats the longest climb you blokes have done?. mt nebo-glorius is the bigest road climb iv done. at 30k. though a mtb trip i do now and again has probably just as much climbing if not more :). ps not constant climbing some downs of cuase but generaly going up.
I've never climbed, I've never ridden downhill, and I've never been in a paceline!

How's that for pathetic???
I like climbing...it's fun to cycle past the guys that dropped you earlier in the bunch and smile at them ;D
Definitely uphill!!!!!

On the uphill it's only up to yourself, no tailwinds or drafting!!

Also, it's fun to drop the big burly guys on the climbs. Sure, on the flats they may power past you with their 20kg thighs, but seeing them huffing and puffing on the hill is just the greatest!

Tactically it's a lot more fun....you can put in a breakaway and easily put minutes between yourself and the bunch
Being a largish 83kg guy i tend to go faster than most downhill... so honestly, it would have to be downhill. I'm very good going really fast and really enjoy it and know how to take corners without having to brake (much).

That said...
I don't mind uphills now that I'm fit and lost a lot of weight and I'm fairly good at them and enjoy riding them in training. But I can't say i enjoy racing them with the strong front groups, trying to keep up with the small light hillclimbers even though I can hang in there.
Tipping the scales at +/- 80kg I'm a bit heavy for uphiils. However over the last year or so i've found that I'm often pulling the bunches on slight uphills (Sun City). I find that very rewarding.

The first time I pulled a bunch was during last years lost city ride. I was in a bunch with all these guys in Cycle Lab outfits, they were riding Bianchi's and that sort. When we hit the first of the long climbs the pace slowed dramaticaly. I moved to the front of the bunch and pulled these guys up every hill after that. And then with 5k's to go I burnt out (was not eating anything throughout the race) and they just left me for dead.

Anyway's, this year it was me and an elderly man. I pulled him on the hills and he pulled me on the straights.
Vo2...looks like we're both mountain goats...I also tip the scales at a paltry 70 kg. I actually want to beef up a bit, so the guys with the tree trunk thighs don't drop me at the sprints ;)
But on the other hand...it's a lot more fun dropping the big guys on the climbs :D
I climb pretty well for a big guy ::)
But then I train with licensed riders ;)
Your lucky to have that priviledge, training with licensed riders. I have to slog along on my own at 5am most of the times.
Although my muscle fibres are designed to climb, I pack a mean punch when it comes to sprinting aswell ;)
All my rides during the week are on my own where i can concentrate on what i want to achieve on any given day. On weekends I train with the strong guys. Only licensed vets but still strong enough to have all won more than one race racing in the A group.
I feel that training alone forces you to put in more effort....you can't just sit at the back of a pack and trail along. that said, it also sucks to ride alone at 5 am in the morning when there's no one around in a 20 km radius ;)
Vo2 said:
What do you prefer, cycling uphill or downhill?

I love both, I only weigh 150 so uphill is great... (although I ride a highly geared 700 and it can be a beast sometimes) Downhill is fantastic too, i always look down at my skewers to make sure their tight though, i think i have a phobia.
You have to go up in order to come down. Did Newton tell us that?

So might as well as to stay on the flat and blast away. :)
Guest said:
I feel that training alone forces you to put in more effort....you can't just sit at the back of a pack and trail along. that said, it also sucks to ride alone at 5 am in the morning when there's no one around in a 20 km radius ;)
I love riding in the middle of the night. No one on the trail except some strange people and dedicated cyclists. I can get up to a fast speed, and not worry about having to slow down for pedestrians at the beach.
At 6'1" and 207lbs I am certainly no mountain goat and prefer the downhills.
On a fixed gear, it's all great. Uphill is low RPM strength, and downhill is insane high cadence. It makes for workout variety without any planning.