urban bike recommendations


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Jun 4, 2010
Hello all. I was wondering if you could give me some recommendations on bikes I should test ride.

First off, I live in Denver, CO and am looking to purchase a bike that I can do the majority of my "local" travelling. Whether to work, or just out and about running errands or visiting friends. I'm looking for bikes that will see all it's time on pavement.

I'm not going to use it for overly long rides, or races but I still love the feel of a quick and rigid/responsive ride.

Originally, I was looking to get a single speed as I like to keep things relatively simple. Plus I really won't have any need for a 21/24/27 speed bike. But, I've recently been drawn to the internal gear hubs that come on some stock bikes.

So far, I've test ridden:
Scott SUB 10 2010(first time I've ridden a bike with internal gear hub and loved how quick and smooth the shifting was)
Trek SOHO S (single speed)

I know the SOHO comes with an internal-hub but can't find one to test ride.

I love the feel of the Trek Frame as the Scott frame tended to have more vibration. But after riding some single speeds, I feel like I'd rather have the diversity of a 7/8 speed bike.

Does anyone know of any other bikes that seem to fit this mold that I should try out?


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