Urban-DJ/FR + XC combo: Trek Bruiser 2 or alternatives?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jestrada, Oct 1, 2004.

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    I used to ride only XC, but am looking to get a new bike that I can do
    both Urban/Dirt Jumping/FreeRide, and still hit some XC trails
    occasionally as well.

    Some of the options I'm considering:
    2004 Norco Sasquatch
    2005 Norco Bigfoot 2005 (new for 2005: has a bashguard and Dirt Jam
    Comp fork!)
    2005 Trek Bruiser 2
    2005 Giant STP 1
    2005 Specialized Hardrock Pro Disk
    2004 Brodie Hellion or Bruzza

    Are there any other bikes that are versatile enough to do both DJ/FR
    and XC, which I should be considering?
    The Trek Bruiser 2 seems not very well known - anyone familiar with
    it? It comes with a MZ Comp 130mm fork, mechanical disc brakes, bash
    guard, and seems geared towards urban. The Giant STP 1 was new for
    2004, and also seems sweet - I'd love to hear from any owners of this
    bike what it's like.
    I'm able to get a 2004 Norco Sasquatch at a good price, but I wonder
    if it's too heavy for the trails? I don't do any XC racing, but I'm
    looking for a bike that's not catered exclusively to dirt jumping or
    urban (hence I'm not opting for Specialized's P series). I wonder if
    both the Sepcialized Hardrock Pro Disk and the the Brodie Hellion and
    Bruzza are catered more to XC, and perhaps aren't suitable for urban
    or FR?
    Any suggestions/comments welcome!