US nazis cut open children, implant poison drugs

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    Hi all,

    My name is Liam Scheff, I'm a journalist working on the AIDS

    diagnosis problem. I wrote a series in Boston this year called

    The AIDS Debate.(Links at the bottom)

    I've recently been working on a story about medical/pharmaceutical

    abuse in an HIV pos. children's home.

    The home is called Incarnation Children's Center (ICC). It's in NYC,

    north of Harlem. The children who are taken into ICC have mothers who

    used drugs. They're black and hispanic, they're poor. And because

    of this, as we understand that HIV tests are non-specific and

    cross-reactive, the children test HIV pos.

    The NIH (NIAID) and various pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo,Pfizer,

    Biocene) are using these kids as test subjects in clinical trials at


    The kids are given AZT, Protease inhibitors, etc, as well as

    experimental drugs, or drugs in experimental combinations. When

    the children refuse the drugs, they're force fed.

    If the kids continue to refuse, they're given a surgery to implant a

    plastic tube through their abdomen into their stomach. The drugs are

    then injected directly into their stomachs -- no refusing.

    This year a six-year-old and a twelve-year-old child had strokes

    because of the drugs. The 12-year-old went blind. They both died

    shortly after. The children walk around in various states of

    deformation and retardation because of lifelong exposure to AZT and

    Protease inhibitors.

    Parents who refuse to give their children the drugs are labelled

    'incompetent' by the city/state agency. The children are removed from

    parental custody and remanded to ICC. I've written an extensive story

    about this - which consists of an interview with a mother of two

    children at Incarnation, as well as the administering doctor at the

    place, who blithely confirms the practice of cutting these

    children open so they can be drugged.

    This is a horrible, grotesque story. But it's real, it's happening

    now. I've been there, I've seen it, and I'm sick to death being

    the only one who knows about it.

    I don't have an outlet yet, and am I'm wondering if you can help put

    the story out there -- web, local underground papers, any friendly,

    or at least not-unfriendly outlet. I certainly want everybody who

    is aware of the problem with the AIDS diagnosis to know that this is

    going on.

    If I had my way, every time somebody went searching for "HIV"

    or "AIDS" on the web, this story -- and all of your stories, would

    come up first.

    I know the story's in NY, and most of you aren't, but it's a small

    world, and getting the story out there will help it find a publisher.

    Any ideas or help are greatly appreciated. I'll send you a word doc

    of the piece upon your request.

    Please feel free to pass this email along to any and all useful


    Hope all's well and thanks for your time and consideration,

    Liam Scheff

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