Use of stationary bicycles?

It is not a good idea, but it is better than not riding. I have used stationary bikes in hotels and such. I usually take my little MP3 player and either use that or plug the earphones into the machine.

At a gym I would spend some time getting a machine set up for me and record the settings. And then use the same machine each day.
I have the same view, it doesn't replace riding but it certainly much better then stopping completely and then starting again. It will keep you in shape and prevent you from getting more injuries when you get out cycling again.
I like it. The ones I used at the Hilton during our stay at Albany had multiple machines including a biking one and all of them had TVs attached to them so you can watch TV while working out which was a plus for me haha! Nothing beats actually biking though...
I'm not a huge fan of stationary bikes as I guess I'm more of a " if you want to bike go bike" guy. But I understand if you can't go out one day then you should use a stationary bike. I've got one myself that's just been lying around for years.